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OFAAL 2017 examination details

           (Only send the Application Form)


  1. Application form must be filled by the candidate/ parents to avoid spelling errors.
  2. Application form will not be processed without full payment and fully completed application form. Teachers and Parents are kindly requested to check the application form for correct spelling of candidates Firstname and Surname.
  3. Candidates will now have to be registered to the OFAAL web site to able to obtain their E-admission cards and results.
  4. All Admission card queries must reach the Co-ordinator by phone or e-mail at least two days before the examination.
  5. Applications must reach the Co-ordinator before the closing date. Late applications will only be accepted up to a week after the closing date and is subject to a late fee  of €10
  6. Any application received after the “Late Application date” will not be processed &  will not be returned back to the sender.
  7. Applicants are advised to check with their bank that their cheque has cleared to confirm the receipt of the Application Form.
  8. Examination fees will not be refunded or be used for postponing under any circumstances.
  9. There is no separate fee for theory exam or practical only examination. Therefore candidates are expected to pay full fee on each occasion if they are taking practical in April and theory in September or vice versa.
  10. Title Sheets should be filled in duplicate and brought to the practical examination.
  11. The OFAAL syllabus can be accessed on our website This is the only official syllabus. (Theory books or Title Sheet contents are not considered as full syllabus).
  12. Any complaint regarding the conduct of the practical exam can be made to the admin desk on the day of the exam. We are unable to deal with the complaint, if it is made more than 2 weeks after the examination. All complaints are expected to be made on a written format (Tamil or English).
  13. All candidates complete two title sheets prior to the practical examination and handover to the examiners.
  14. Vocal & Instrumental Candidates MUST bring their OWN Surithi box and their OWN fully functional instruments to the practical examination.
  15. Bharathanatiyam Candidates must pre record each and every chosen songs/pieces in a separate tapes/CD's and bring together with their Tape/CD player to the examination.
  16. Use of Smart Phones with LOUD speaker facility for above piece for the Bharathanatiyam or as a Surithi box is accomadated as long as its loudness meets or is better than 70dB noise level at 1 Meter. The candidate must be able to operate the smartphone proficiently for this without causing any delays to the examination process as well as the phone MUST be switched onto Aircraft mode, when entering the examination room, to ensure your performance at the examination is not impaired/distracted by any incoming SMS texts or calls.
  17. Post Diploma Candidates applications will not be processed if the dissertation of the chosen topic does not reach your OFAAL country coordinator within seven days of receiving the application.
  18. Car Park spaces are limited for the examination and will be allocated to disabled batch holders, veena/ miruthangam, and keyboard players.
  19. OFAAL committee decisions are final regarding any query related to the OFAAL examinations.
  20. If you have already taken a theory/practical for a subject, please write in the common column the year and the result you have achieved for that grade.
  21. Remarking can only be carried out on written request, please complete the appropriate form and forward it to the co-ordinator within 15 days of the results being released (remarking forms are available through ofaal website under examination section).
  22. Certificates are forwarded to the teachers or institutes without any additional fee within 5 weeks from the date of result being released. If you need your certificate to be forwarded to your home address please add €10 to your examination fee, except those who distant learn or online.
  23. All Cerificate related queries must be made within 3 months of results being released. Outside this time limit an admin fee of €10 is payable for each certifcate related enquiry.
  24. We strongly advise you to print your own admission card as soon as it becomes available on our website.
  25. The additional handling charges for posting Exam Admission Cards to your home is €10.
  26. If the cheque is returned unpaid, then there is an additional fee of €10 payable.
  27. Diploma Grade.

  28. Candidates applying for Diploma must have attained the age of 14 at the set date on the application form.
  29. Candidates must have passed grade seven theory and practical of the OFAAL examinations in that particular subject.
  30. Candidate should send a copy of their birth certificate and their grade seven OFAAL certificate with the Application Form.
  31. To complete Diploma, the minimum expected grade for theory and practical exams is Merit (there is no Pass grade for Diploma). .
  32. Note: You will not receive the Kalajothy title until you have passed OFAAL Grade 8 theory and practical Examination. OFAAL strongly recommends that a candidate who wish to attain Diploma in a particular subject should complete at least Grade 3 in another Fine Arts subject. However this is no longer a mandatory requirement.

    Post Diploma Grade.

  33. Must have achieved the OFAAL Kalajothy Title in that particular subject.
  34. Must have passed at least grade four in another fine arts subject of the OFAAL examinations.
  35. Candidate must have attained the age of 16 at the date on the application form.
  36. Candidates must submit their dissertation together with the Application Form in preparation for the VIVA part of the examination, (please use bammini font for Tamil letter presentation.)
  37. Once the written dissertation is approved the candidate is expected to bind the article in a presentable booklet form to be able to present it to the examination board.
  38. The Post-Diploma candidate is expected to summarise and present to the board and audience the dissertation using PowerPoint slides emphasising the salient points of the dissertation subject. This will be an interactive question and answer session involving the examination panel and questions and the invited audience, duration 60 minutes.
  39. Please contact the co-ordinator as soon as you have decided to take part in P/D examination so that arrangements can be made
  40. Practical Examination.

  41. The amount of time allocated for each grade varies and it always longer for higher grades. Examiners are expected to test various aspects of the practical subjects. It is very common for them to intervene while a candidate is performing a particular element and ask the candidate to perform another piece. This is not to say that the candidate has poorly performed on that element.
  42. Syllabus.

  43. Please familiraise with the OFAAL syllabus for each subject which is freely available on our website. We do make changes form time to time especially there had been small changes in our Bharathanatyam/Dance syllabus during 2012.
  44. Theory Examination.

  45. You must be On time for all examinations.
  46. You must not become involved in any unfair or dishonest practice if any part of the examination.
  47. You must not:.
    • Sit an examination the name of another candidate.
    • Have In your possession any unauthorised material or equipment which might give you an unfair advantage.
  48. Possession of a mobile phone or other unauthorised material is breaking the rules, Even if you Do not intend to use it,You you will be subject to a possible disqualification..
  49. You must not talk to, Attempt to communicate with to disturb other candidates Once you entered the examination room..
  50. You must follow The instructions of the invigilator..
  51. If you're in any doubt speak to the Invigilator.
  52. Payment Method.

  53. We strongly recommend all candidates/parents to make use of our online payment method in order to ease our administrative pressure. IN FUTURE those who wish to use alternative payment method such as Bank Giro, cheque, postal order, Cash., etc. will incur an ADDITIONAL ADMINISTRATIVE Fee. Please send your payments promptly with the completed application form
  54. Institutes/Schools/Teachers applying for their students.

  55. To ensure adequte time for us to process multiple applications, please submit your applications to OFAAL atleast a week before the closing date
  56. Disability Act.

  57. If you require any special assistance on the day of the exam due to any disability or medical condition then please let us know in advance..
  58. Practical & Theory exam times.

  59. Theory times allocated for Theory paper sittings are not alterable for Individuals requirments..
  60. Practical examination session times are automatically allocated IN order of Application Fees clearing sequence from the Portal Opening date. If you have preference to have morning session or afternoon session, please apply early and advise us by email to to enable OFAAL to accomadate you.
    We will inspect the date and time when you applied to attempt and make manual changes.
  61. Complaints and Grievances

  62. We always strive to perform the OFAAL examination profesionally, couteously and with sensitivity to all our candidates. If however you are unsatisfied by our conduct or your treatment, please inform us on the day of the examination or in writing 7 days post examination session. Complaints or grievances,once results are published cannot be accepted.

Please Note: By Submitting the Examination Application form, you have read and agreed to the Rules and Instructions page of this process.
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