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Over 5400 candidates were tested during 2009 examination                                                                                           OFAAL Promotes the value of the music to the young generation                                                                                                        OFAAL does not intend to make any money out of examination

         Sample Examination Paper download

Change of policy on the availability of Sample Examination papers.

     Sample paper download Terms & conditions

  • You will have to be logged into our OFAAL website with your accounts, [Audit]
  • Existing OFAAL examination candidate with history of Previous results to access the next Grade Paper. [Dynamic and Automatic]
  • Teachers will have to be registered as a Teacher/Institute and subjects appropriate to what they teach.
  • New Candidates and Teachers who do not have any history with OFAAL, please contact to arrange accesss, post validation.

  • Why, to protect the Intellectual Property of OFAAL for the benfit of its candidates and their teachers/Institute/Exam Centers
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